Heads Up Historic Pottstown. An Entrepreneur Lives Your Potential

Take a look around Pottstown and you’ll notice storefronts opening with new vibrant businesses. Some are totally unique concepts while some are innovative takes on existing ideas. If you peek under the hood at some of the new happenings they possess an underlying connection. The business development and innovation spark in Pottstown has its own big bang genesis.

Look at some of the more unique Pottstown offerings, specifically Red Horse Motoring Club, Splitting Edge Axe Throwing, JJ Rattigan Brewing Company, the historic High Street Car Show and you will find a common denominator, Steve Everett.

Steve Everett is a businessman, real estate professional and entrepreneur committed to the revitalization and success of downtown Pottstown. Everett has gotten new Pottstown businesses off the ground through creative partnerships and by teaming with investment groups. 

Late this past summer Red Horse Motoring Club held its 2nd Annual Paint Huffers Union, a two day gathering for artists, auto enthusiasts and Rockabilly fans. That weekend turned out to be a huge gathering and a microcosm of how Everett operates. 

Moving in and out of the event to make sure the everything was going smoothly and car show participants were getting all they needed, Everett, a partner in Red Horse,  moved from room to room of the old Ludwick Motors building which now houses the popular Red Horse Motoring Club.

After the event was in full swing, Everett made a phone call to a real estate client with whom Everett just closed a deal for; a celebratory dinner was in the works. Wrapping up the call he jumped into a pickup and headed toward another of his business ventures, Splitting Edge Axe Throwing.  Bounding up the stairs at Splitting Edge Axe Throwing on High Street, Everett checked in with his general manager to make sure the week’s events were sorted.

After a tour around Splitting Edge, Everett moved downstairs and without missing a beat, picked up architectural plans and jumped into his latest project, JJ Rattigan Brewing Company at 227 East High Street in Pottstown.

The stop at JJ Rattigan exemplifies Everett’s style, without breaking stride he started working on a punch list of carpentry items bringing to life Brewery accents highlighting turn of the century Pottstown.

Leaving JJ Rattigan Brewing Company, task list completed, it’s back to Red Horse Motoring Club to kickoff the evenings live music events. Steve Everett is friendly, welcoming and unassuming, but those that know him will tell you he is exceedingly driven. That his sights are set on downtown Pottstown can only mean that revitalization is sure to follow.

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