Ludwick Motors: Desoto, Plymouth, Chrysler & A Red Horse

Pottstown PA has been dubbed Cars USA. From the 50’s till the present day Pottstown has been home to Cruise-Ins, Car Shows and countless auto enthusiasts eager to take it all in.

A classic car renaissance is underway. Historically Pottstown’s steel and iron industry roots gave way to a love of cars. Over time the auto industry grew and gave rise to a number of historic buildings. Not the least of which is the old Ludwick Motors building located at 132 E 3rd Street in Pottstown. Like the love for cars in this industrial-cool town, the Ludwick Motors building has been given new life.

Built in 1922, the building and dealership was built by Joe Ludwick. The dealership was a Desoto/Plymouth, Chrysler and Dodge dealership until the 1990’s. Tom Stone, a longtime resident of Pottstown recalls, “I remember the dealership when I was a kid, I worked across the street. I would come across and walk into the building because it was so captivating.”

Stone currently owns a technology and Audio-Visual company, Stone Glidden, located in King of Prussia. So when Chuck Harders decided to breathe new life into the old Ludwick Motors building, Stone offered his services to help the space come alive.

Chuck Harders had a vision for the space not only to pay homage to Amercian Automobilia and Petrolia but to also honor the historic role the building played in Pottstown. In grand style, Harders launched Red Horse Motoring Club, a social club and event space for automobile enthusiasts and lovers of cool venues.

Harders in his own right is a recognized collector of important historical pieces related to America’s automobile history. A walk through his own personal collection is like taking a peek at pieces that will one day be displayed in the Smithsonian Institute. So when he decided to open the Red Horse Motoring Club in the old Ludwick motors building he brought the same passion and energy that fueled his love of collecting.

Harders made sure that classic details throughout the entire auto bay, showroom and service shop were not only restored but functionally important. The space is filled with classic cars, historical signage artifacts and art. Members of the club, event goers and friends get lost in the history, enjoy beverages and food over conversation fueled by the surroundings.

The flow of history doesn’t stop inside the four walls. When Red Horse opens up the massive glass bay doors the inside and the outside lot become one thanks largely to Tom Stone and his a/v engineers.

Since the original building played such a vivid role in Stone’s early life in Pottstown, he wanted to make sure that people could truly enjoy the old Ludwick Motors space in its new incarnation.

Stone, now a Red Horse Motoring Club member, created unique music and video zones throughout the space giving the honored old dealership entertainment life. Since then the space has hosted, Eagles tailgates on the big screen outside, Rock-A-Billy concerts, weddings, car shows and pin striping artist confabs.

Thanks to the creative vision of Chuck Harders and his friends, the old Ludwick Motors dealership can be enjoyed as the historical piece it has been but also captures the love of cars in a whole new light.

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